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Finally!  You say.  FREE information on how to make money on the internet.  Yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  But first, before you can see it, before you can actually grasp the idea, stop for a moment and clear your mind of any thoughts you may have entertained up to this moment.  Like that one of finding a no brainer job... leisurely sitting away at your home computer...typing online forms per company instruction...earning full time income for part time work only...enjoying in-house benefits at their expense...  

... contrary to the misleading puffery classified ads and Websites try to instill within our mind's eye, for someone will buy their training programs so they can make money, there are not 1000's of companies that will hire on employees rejection free. Much less pay a full time income to have their data typed into online forms on a part time basis.  There are, however, 1000's of merchants, and major brand name companies, to sign up with (for free) and promote for.  Typing ads as an Independent Affiliate is but one way to make money.  One that can be quite a lucrative business--a home-based business you can work from most anywhere in the world, not work-at-home employment. 

You see, rather than insult your good intelligence with a costly, hyped up data entry/type at home job offer, it is your business as an informed home based Business Affiliate to profitably promote the services and/or products of individual merchants (of your own choosing, of course, as explained below) who, in turn, pay you a commission for each sale that's generated from your ad.

The good news here is

  • Yes, it's completely legitimate
  • Yes, it can be done without a Website
  • Yes, you can make money online

The percentage of commission paid to affiliates varies with each merchant as does the sale price for each service and product. Earning bi-monthly, commission checks may or may not be for you. To help you make an intelligent decision, without the undue risk of a no refund policy, the following overview will walk you through three basic steps--sign up, set up, start promoting.

You will need: 

  • innovative thought 
  • motivation
  • self-discipline
  • due diligence






Sign up

There are quite a number of Catalogs with listed merchants to choose from online; however, the most common and most popular one often referred to, especially in terms of making money without a Website, is Clickbank and its Marketplace. Sign Up with Clickbank is entirely free for affiliates, as should be the case with any Associate Program. (Clicking on any inserted link will open up a new window so you won't lose your place.)

Simply fill in your information for future payments issued by Clickbank You may want to put some thought on what username to use for your account considering it will also be used in your hoplink and is what others will see. The FAQ pages should answer any questions you may have about hoplinks, payments, etc. 

Once you've signed up and submitted your information, you're not only ready to browse through the various categories within the Marketplace, but in a position to promote for any merchant of your choice. As you can see, there are 1000's of digital products and services to choose from to promote (rejection free).

The percentage of commission paid to Business Affiliates is noted inside the [brackets]. Clicking on the bracket area will open a small window which will show your personal money-making hoplink

Please note: Commissions and hoplinks are not accessible for viewing unless you are signed in.

Set Up

Now that you have a Clickbank ID, your affiliate hoplink to track your sales for payment through Clickbank, it is the general rule of thumb to set up a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) account with major search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Free video and text tutorials in Google's Learning Center will guide you step by step through the set up process, as well as other detailed aspects of running a successful ad campaign. 

(The video version for the set up process is under the Multimedia tab, Section 2.) 

A minimal one-time fee of $5.00 is required to activate a PPC account with Google Adwords. As the name pay-per-click implies for any PPC, you pay for each time someone clicks on your ad. Conversion rate from clicks to actual sales is referred to as a click-through-rate, CTR, and depends largely on the keywords used in your ads, as well as market demand.. 

Other useful tools found in Yahoo's Resource Center show average CTR's in result of both keywords and market demand. Typing certain keywords into the Keyword Search Tool will show you how many times potential customers used the same words for their own Internet search while also listing other keyword related searches during the past month.

You can also look up the bidding range with the View Bids Tool (in Yahoo's Resource Center) which shows the maximim, and lower amounts, that others placed on certain keywords. From the aspect of building a profitable keyword list for your ads, the money is in the list. Due diligence pays off.

CAUTION:   Using deceptive or fraudalent means to obtain money defines the word SCAM.

Your Best In Mind does NOT recommend or encourage anyone to duplicate misleading promotions. 


Start Promoting

Once you've signed up with Clickbank and are set up to promote, it's time to make a good return on your investment. However small or large the percentage of commission may be, the money you can make from one ad, from sales generated through one ad alone, certainly adds up.

For example, XYZ company sells ABC product for $38, while paying affiliates 50% commission. The minimum of 1 sale a day at $19 for 30 days earns a monthly commission of $570.

                     1 sale/day    $19 x 30 = $570/month

                 10 sales/day    $190 x 30 = $5700/month

              100 sales/day    $1900 x 30 = $57000/month

(Rounded figures are approximate for the purpose of presenting an example and do not include the deductions of third party fees such as Clickbank or PPC costs.)

Typing ads without your own Website, without your own product, without your own service, is but one way to legitimately make money online. And yes, the potential of making serious money is possible. At the same time, creating more than one revenue stream is unlimited and from most anywhere in the world.

saw2.pngFor secret tips, tricks, and strategies that you can impliment quickly and easily for long term profits as an affiliate, Ewen Chia from Singapore offers a priceless, lifetime membership to his Secret Affiliate Weapon--ideally suited for both new and intermediate affiliates alike. A low, one time fee of $9.97 for a lifetime membership includes, but not limited to:

  • Quick Start Guide to Google Adwords                                 
  • Quick Start Affiliate Profits
  • Secret Affiliate Marketing Database
  • Exclusive Training Reports



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